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The Art of Radical Vulnerability: Using Writing to Turn Wound into Wisdom (Topics 4)

Hickory Room August 25, 2018 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

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Reema Zaman

Our stories of trauma, addiction, loss, and self-harm are rich with wisdom and resonance. Written well, these stories forge intimacy between artist and audience, and can catalyze clarity, catharsis, beauty, and strength. But offered haphazardly or prematurely, these stories can trigger and harm all involved.

There is an art to radical vulnerability. “Write from the scar, not the wound.” Drawing from Mary Karr’s Lit, Glennon Doyle’s Love Warrior, Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Roxane Gay’s Hunger, and her own, Reema Zaman shares key principles for writing our stories of pain, to foster peace, healing, transformation, and liberation for artist and audience.